There is an increasing interest in picture frames painted in the tasteful colours of Farrow & Ball. At Home Visit Framing you can choose from a wide range of framing styles and sizes and even combine two (or more) frames in one combination to create your own unique effect.

We will then hand paint the frame in your favourite Farrow & Ball colour.

These fames not only compliment modern pieces of artwork but are often at home with more traditional styles.

To find out more about this popular trend in picture framing – contact Barry on 01737 352 692.


Reducing Potential Damage

There are a number of potential issues that can cause damage to your artwork.

Listed below are two main areas of concern and the steps we can take to mitigate them for you.

1. UV light can cause fading of colour as well as the drying out of paper and fabric art. A special glass is available that filters out up to 98% of these damaging rays.

2. Standard mount board can produce acid stains where it touches your art, conservation mount board substantially reduces this problem. To be 100% acid-free, museum mount board is available.

For more information telephone Barry on 01737 352 692.